Advantages and Benefits of LP Smartside Siding and Trim

LP Smartside Trim and Siding


Some LP Smartside trim comes in reversible smooth and cedar textures, greatly adding to it’s flexibility. 

Renewable Resource

All Smartside products are manufactured with wood ( a renewable resource ) acquired using processes certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

No Efflorescence

LP Smartside products do not contain the natural salts and minerals which sometimes discolor fiber cement products.

Easier To Install

LP Smartside is significantly lighter per linear foot than fiber cement, making it easier to install. In addition, no special tools are required to cut it.

Fewer Seams

Smartside trim and siding come in 16’ lengths, which may result in fewer seams or joints on your  structure. 

More Impact-resistant

Smartside siding products are more resistant than fiber cement or vinyl products to impact damage from common projectiles found in yards, such as golf balls, baseballs and rocks.

Longer Warranty

The LP Smartside 50-year limited warranty is longer than most fiber cement product warranties. Visit for more warranty information.

Realistic Wood Grain Texture

Smartside has a more realistic wood texture than most fiber cement and vinyl siding products, so your home can have all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood.

Time-tested Performance

LP has manufactured over nine billion square feet of Smartside siding since 1997. After nearly 20 years of successful performance, LP Smartside products are proven and time-tested.

Possible Cost Advantages!

Due to the lighter weight and increased coverage per piece, we will offer our customers a significant installation discount with LP Smartside lap siding, trim, and shakes over fiber cement and some other siding products. Find out how much it would cost to get LP Smartside Trim and Siding installed on your home by simply giving us a call at 612-388-4444 today!